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The Kinesis Money team have compiled a selection of the most commonly asked questions and answers about the Kinesis Monetary System. Here you may find answers to many of your questions about Kinesis. We will continue to update this article, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back from time-to-time. If you still cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us via Telegram or email

What is the Kinesis Velocity Token?

The Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) offers an investor a one time only opportunity to:

·           Access a share in 20% of all aggregated transaction fees generated by the Kinesis currency suite;

·           Access a 20% share of commissions generated in the Kinesis Commercial Center;

·           Benefit from anticipated significant capital gains on the KVTs themselves;

·           Access the extraordinary enhanced yield benefits on offer for the Kinesis digital currency suite.

Can US citizens / residents participate in the KVT sale?

As per the Kinesis Limited Simple Agreement for Future Tokens, The Kinesis Velocity Token offering is open to US citizens who are classified as Accredited Investors only. If you are deemed as such, you may participate in any stage of the Token offerings.

How do I know if I am a US Accredited investor?

You can find the definition of an Accredited Investor here:

How can I apply for an allocation of KVT?

You can apply as for the Kinesis Velocity Token as an Individual here or an a Corporate entity here. Once you have completed the application, you will be emailed transfer instructions with a unique payment reference.

How can I establish a wallet for my KVT?

The Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) is an ERC20 Token, meaning it is on the Ethereum network. KVT can only be viewed in an ERC20 Token compatible eWallet which supports custom Tokens. We encourage all applicants to read this article, which includes a useful setup guide with a trusted wallet provider:

Can I become a KVT pre-sale referrer?

We are pleased to advise that you are welcome to participate in the Kinesis Velocity Token Pre-Sale Referral Program. By participating in this referral program, you are unlocking even more yield! Referrers earn a generous fixed 3% of the value of KVT purchased in each referred qualified transaction. You can learn more about this referral program here:

Can you advise me about my eWallet?

Kinesis Limited cannot provide advice about which eWallet can and cannot be used for storing/viewing the Kinesis Velocity Token. This is because there is a multitude of eWallet providers which often change capabilities. The Kinesis Velocity Token is an ERC20 custom token, and your eWallet must be compatible with this custom token type to view your KVT holdings.

It is essential that you research your eWallet provider’s capabilities and limitations, and update your eWallet address with us if necessary.

We encourage all applicants enquiring about eWallet capabilities to read this article, which includes lots of useful information:

How can I pay for my KVT allocation?

You can pay for your KVT allocation with USD or Ethereum. Details are provided once you have completed your application.

When will KVT show in my eWallet?

The token issuance date is on 1 July 2018. The KVT contract will be activated at a date no later than 31st August 2018. Kinesis Limited will be in touch prior to activation.

How will the yield be paid?

The yield will be paid in the digital currency from which the share in transaction fees is derived (KAU, KAG, KEU etc.). Kinesis will be releasing more information about this in the near future.

Is the KVT backed by gold?

The Kinesis Velocity Token is not backed by a physical asset. The KVT provides buyers with a unique opportunity to share in the revenue generated by the entire suite of digital currencies being developed by Kinesis Limited. These digital currencies are being developed for high-velocity trading, and as outlined in the Kinesis Blueprint, the KVT plays an essential role for those wishing to maximize their potential overall yield.

Where can I view the terms and conditions of the KVT?

You can view/download the Kinesis Limited Simple Agreement for Future Tokens here.

Why should I participate in KVT when Kinesis currencies also have a yield?

You are correct in that you may invest in Kinesis KVT and/or the Kinesis currencies; being a Kinesis holder and receiving the respective holder yield. However; the KVT allows you access to a different allocation of the transaction fees to the currency enhanced yield participation, meaning that to benefit the most one would need to participate in both the Kinesis Token offering and the Kinesis currency pre-sale.

How much Kinesis currency at enhanced yield rates can I buy with 1 KVT?

One KVT will allow you the access to the enhanced yield rates, this means that if you are entitled to participate in the currency sale at enhanced yield rates you will be able to mint Kinesis and receive an even higher revenue share than participants would receive on their Kinesis coins post the enhanced yield period.

How many KVT have been sold so far?

Due to our desire to fly as discreetly as possible and be as non-threatening as possible, we have made a decision for the time being to not disclose our KVT sales. This is obviously a very large raise and disclosing sales figures could bring us a lot of unwelcome attention too early before our launch, as such to minimise external risks we deem it better to not disclose at this time. We are however very confident that the entire 300,000 KVTs will be issued and accounted for during the sale period. This may disappoint some people, but we deem this the best option for now.

What is the significance of the Unified Signal deal?

What may not be clear from the press release in the first instance, is that Kinesis will be exclusively powering Unified Signals cryptocurrency wallet and exchange. Unified Signal’s technology and infrastructure power around 150 corporates including some of the largest telecommunication companies and mobile banks etc and we will inherit all their crypto business. The partnership will equate to the most globally extensive and efficient crypto exchange and banking facility available to date. They’re partners with an aggregated network of banks and we will be utilising all of them.

If someone redeems the underlying asset backing a coin of the currency, what happens to said coin?

If a participant redeems the underlying physical asset backing a Kinesis coin; said coin will be returned to the Kinesis Master account, which is effectively not in circulation and as such no longer exists.

Do I need to provide ID to participate in the KVT pre-sale?

Yes, you will need to provide appropriate identification documentation as either an individual applicant or a corporate applicant. The ID requirements are outlined within each of the applications. You will also need to provide identification documentation if you wish to participate in the KVT pre-sale referral program.

Will I need to provide ID if I purchase KVT on a secondary exchange?

Generally speaking, secondary exchanges have their own Know Your Customer / Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Terrorism Financing frameworks which participants will need to pass in order to use said secondary exchange. If KVT has been purchased on a secondary exchange, the holder will need to complete an ID verification with Kinesis to receive the yield entitlements. More information will be released about this closer to the Token activation date.

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