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Dan Win 12.09.2018
So looks like 50 million dollars worth of KVT sold out of a possible $300 million. By my calculations that’s just over 16% with 84% unsold at this time. What’s the general feeling about that? Without the spin are people happy with that? Are people confident the remaining KVTs will be sold before launch?

Re: Start veřejného prodeje

Ivan P 12.09.2018
Hi Dan, the ITO has exceded my expectation due to Kenisis relative low key exposure to date.
For the public offering, probably not much differet for general public going forward unless there is a step change in exposure and it goes mainstream. However, I think there has been a lot of institutional interest behind the scenes and Kinesis has been holding off on institutional sell to give individuals a greater opportunity.
Kinesis CEO Tom Coughlin mentioned that in previous interviews.
I would expect to see a ramp up of larger sales happening in the coming days/weeks.
Institutional sales could be in the thousands per transaction, instead of units or 10s.
There may also be investment houses that will manage portfolios for indivudual investors and these may have hundres of individual clients. Not all individuals interested in investing in KVT with funds would have the skills or confidence to interact direclty with Kinesis or the blockchain.

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tamira 13.06.2018
Jean-Paul Ceulemans, [08.06.18 14:52]
Hi everyone
Despite (or maybe because) of being in ICT for over 25 years and also becoming a convert to the Austrian school of economics I was wary about (unbacked) cryptocurrencies until Kinesis came about
I had been following Andrew Maguire since 2011 and got interested in gold by his work and that of other gold advocates like Mcleod, Butler, Maloney, Leyland, Sinclair, Turk, Rickards, Middelkoop, Hoffmann, Shiff, Faber, GATA ...
I had already received a nice stack long ago from my late grandfather but it was in the safe just in case and never was on my mind before.
Until all the talk started about Comex price suppression and the coming Pan Asian Gold Exchange that was supposed to bring that manipulation to an end soon and let gold rise to it's true value (whatever that may be)
Being burnt both in the 2000 and 2008 stock market crash, I sold all my equities and bought physical gold instead in 2011 and 2012
Seeing the Dow and Bitcoin rise and gold literally crashing and stagnating since 2013 wasn't a nice experience but the one person that has helped me to keep the faith always was Andrew Maguire.
Despite his many calls not materializing, I'm still convinced he's 100% honest. I think his only weakness is in fact his honesty that makes him, despite his enormous experience in the field, still underestimate the level of fraud that the establishment is prepared to engage in and get away with.
But I think with Kinesis he has finally 'struck gold' and found a way to get even with the fraudsters. I'm convinced he's not interested in earning money but in the good cause of honest money and realistic PM pricing he believes in
So in time I'll gradually convert my (sizable) physical stack into KAU coins for sure
But for now I think KVT may be the next big crypto winner in the coming years so I'm going to buy a few right away
I'm I bit angry with myself not doing it earlier when they were 25% cheaper but since I planned to buy a fixed number of them instead of a certain amount, it won't matter in the long run whatsoever if the projected yield is even remotely realized
I'm even more angry for not having used Andrew's trading service since he started it 6 years ago, I could already have made a fortune from it in hindsight
Hope that Andrew and Tom will prevail in their battle against the Goliaths of fraud LBMA, COMEX & FED (and ESF?)

Ke kalkulaci výnosů od UCHIKI

tamira 12.06.2018
Henry, I'll also be keen to see what info comes back from the team.
In the meantime, here's my go at the Yearly Volume total for Year 1 - since that was what you were initially looking at.

Background data:

Indonesian Currency in Circulation IDR638 trn ~ $44 bn.
Assuming velocity 50%, yearly volume is $8 trn.
Velocity assumption based on 52% for UK bank notes in 2014. This is probably conservative as a much higher proportion of transactions is likely to occur in notes in Indonesia.
Indonesia GDP $900 bn. Here's a quick ratio that could be used for other countries where bank note data isn't available. Bank notes yearly volume:GDP ($8 trn/$900 bn) =@9x
(As a cross check, this ratio was 5.7 for UK in 2014, so 9 seems quite reasonable for less banked countries).

A number of South American countries are experiencing devaluing currencies. Fertile ground for a stable currency. In relation to Chad's cruise conversation, Tom said recently that Kinesis "have some large strategic partnerships moving ahead that will catapult our growth here, particularly in Latin America", so Latin America is obviously on the radar.
Brazil/Argentina combined GDP 2.3 trn
Back of the envelope calc (based on Indonesia Bank notes yearly volume:GBP ratio above):
Bank note yearly volume (2.3 * 9) ~ $21 trn

Here's a possible way to get to the Yearly Volume total of $856 bn for Year 1:

1% of Indonesian cash transactions $80 bn
5% of cross border remittances $30 bn
5% of Tether volume $50 bn
3% of gold trading volume $450 bn
0.5% of Argentina/Brazil cash transactions $105 bn
KCC (1% of 3 major players) $4 bn from blueprint
Europe/US/rest of world $141 bn

Europe/US/rest of world:
I've put in a balancing number to bridge the gap to the blueprint total.
Sean C and Jim have both mentioned a desire to use KCoins in their businesses.
Western expats mentioned by Chad (2.3 million subs on expat.com) likely to be additional to cross border remittance figures. Can't find any numbers, but let's say 10 million people * $10,000 = $100 bn pa.

I believe multiple neighbouring post offices are watching how things go with PT Pos, so providing it's a success, it's quite possible that the first two lines could ramp up quickly once they come on board.

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tamira 12.06.2018
Maximus, [12.06.18 05:43]
Are we there yet? When uninformed friends first hear about the amazing yield possibilities, occasionally I hear Ponzi Scheme! I find it so Ironic as the entire global system that exists is the giant Ponzi Scheme.

Maximus, [12.06.18 05:46]
Kinesis will derive it's yield from transaction fees. The more transactions (velocity) the more yield.

Maximus, [12.06.18 05:48]
The global debt based system derives it's money from the electronic printing press... not from productive work, in essence value is not created, it is destroyed... the more printing the less value. Got Gold?

Maximus, [12.06.18 05:55]
Kinesis will bring the possibility for the average person to own gold, and earn yield without the worry of wondering if it is real pure gold or the worry of keeping it safe. That is taken care of by the experienced system of ABX bullion exchange that Kinesis is built upon.

webinář s CEO

Tamira 06.06.2018
We would like to invite you to join us this Thursday 7th of June at 14:00 BST for a live webinar. This is a very special opportunity to get online, live with Kinesis CEO, Thomas Coughlin, who will be discussing the Kinesis monetary system and the current KVT initial token offering.
Places are limited, to secure your spot please register here:
We look forward to seeing you there!!

Re: webinář s CEO

tamira 07.06.2018
Tom Coughlin, [07.06.18 17:38]
[In reply to Fraz Mahmud]
Thanks Fraz. We will be producing a schedule of webinars so everyone can plan their agenda around it if they wish to participate live and ask questions

Tom Coughlin, [07.06.18 17:39]
We received circa 50 questions on the webinar just now and will be doing our best to answer all of them

Tom Coughlin, [07.06.18 17:40]
We are going through a heavy recruitment phase and everyone is super busy. I'm very doubtful you would be able to find a harder working team than the Kinesis team at this point. Everyone is putting in a superhero effort.

Tom Coughlin, [07.06.18 17:45]
A lot of these will be big interviews and our exposure just from these interviews alone will be massive.... then we will have the mainstream media exposure coming in behind those alternative media channels

Tom Coughlin, [07.06.18 17:47]
[In reply to Damon C]
Thank you Damon C... we'll be making sure not to let you and this community down. We will do everything we can to surpass everyones expectations.

Tom Coughlin, [07.06.18 17:49]
Get prepared everyone we're about to begin ramping everything up

Tom Coughlin, [07.06.18 17:52]
We will be recording our first King World News (https://kingworldnews.com) interview tomorrow and it's set to be the largest intervew that KWN has ever recorded. Stay tuned all!!!!

James, [07.06.18 17:57]
Tom why isn't kinesis promoted on the ABX site?

Tom Coughlin, [07.06.18 18:02]
Ultimately it will be. We're building out all our promotional channels as fast as possible. We'll get there with everything and be promoting the Kinesis Monetary System in as many places as possible.

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