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Kinesis vs. Bitcoin

DS M, [19.01.19 16:01]
I like what someone posted recently, that the KVT is the second most valuable coin behind Bitcoin, something that can be overlooked...

Re: Kinesis vs. Bitcoin

[In reply to DS M]
interesting thought.
Depending on what the price of bitcoin does, and the KVT first year yield, it's not too much of a stretch to see them swapping places.

Lack of traction

I am disappointed with the lack of traction, especially given the sound fundamentals.

Re: Lack of traction

[In reply to Tim Hall]
The KVT sales are not a holistic reflection of the traction. They are a small portion of infrastructure in terms of user potential. There are a lot of insitutional deals happening at the moment. Many of which are still to be revealed.
An institutional deal often implies there is a large user base waiting to be integrated. As Johan mentioned the soft cap has been long achieved which allowed the project to move forward, which it has been doing in leaps and bounds since.
For me the KVT number is more a reflection of the minds that see the bigger picture. Which is looking quite good to me when I think that explaining a whole new monetary system and its benefits has been hard for even my own friends and family to grasp from a trusted source!

Re: Re: Lack of traction

[In reply to Johan Björnson]
True. I guess I expected more. This project's success depends upon velocity, which in turn depends upon the volume of utilisation. Having funds significantly exceeding the softcap warrants further expenditure in marketing and exposure.

Re: Re: Re: Lack of traction

[In reply to Tim Hall]
I concur with Sean's thoughts.

FWIW my feeling is that the big velocity will be from trading rather than everyday use.
Bullion trading and crypto trading are the obvious avenues for Kinesis.
Deutsche Borse/ECC and MBAex are significant elements in this.

In USD, large chunks of overall volume come from FX trading and Bond market trading.

I put some of my thoughts here:
also here:

However, I do agree that the project will be given greater legitimacy/street cred with more everyday use.
Tom talked about potential exposure to 60 million + users in the Ambassadors webinar
Grabbing 2% of these would arrive at the first million users.
PT-POS will also have a large proportion of the Indonesian @260 million population as it's customers.

Having said all that, it will be nice to see a rise in KVT sales as we close in on March 17th.

Fiat Inflace vs. Kinesis výnosy

Eryck Crypton, [18.01.19 12:51]
My personal view is there are enough people who understand the effect of the current fiat system, and having lived through several GFCs, will seek out an alternative monetary system that they can also use to save, and not have their savings eroded by inflation.

Especialy if the "spending" yield is more beneficial, and ends up giving them more bullion in their savings account

Klientský servis

Eryck Crypton, [17.01.19 21:35]
I for one appreciated the customer service from the sales team.

I had call from an unknown London number... I didn't pick up. Shortly afterwards I had an email... Super efficient.

ctharvey, [17.01.19 21:37]
[In reply to Eryck Crypton]
Thanks for the kind words. I think a personal touch goes a long way.

Eryck Crypton, [17.01.19 21:38]
The customer service sealed the deal for me....

I have had shockingly bad experience with other crypto related platforms, especially from a gold/blockchain competitor... utterly miserable

Eryck Crypton, [17.01.19 21:39]
...andf that's what led me to Kinesis - special thanks to Goldking

Re: Klientský servis

Jono Raperport, [17.01.19 21:41]
[In reply to Jason Muller]
Yes they tried to call me but I was not at home. So they email me to make sure if I have not lost anything on the application form. Most of cryptos company won’t!

Start veřejného prodeje

So looks like 50 million dollars worth of KVT sold out of a possible $300 million. By my calculations that’s just over 16% with 84% unsold at this time. What’s the general feeling about that? Without the spin are people happy with that? Are people confident the remaining KVTs will be sold before launch?

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