Poslední šance získat KVT za nominální hodnotu


Během  posledních cca 10-.ti dnů došlo k rozprodání téměř celého zbytku emise KVT. Pokud se někdo rozhodl nakoupit na poslední chvíli, zbývá posledních cca 17 000 KVT a posledních 8 dní. Poté bude prodej KVT přerušen na dobu jednoho roku (pokud nedojde k totálnímu rozprodání zbytku ještě nyní). V opačném případě bude KVT dostupný už jen na sekundárním trhu za tržní cenu. K aktuálnímu datu bylo prodáno téměř 193 000 KVT v celkové hodnotě přes 4 miliardy Kč (193 mil. USD).


Zpráva KINESIS  ze dne 28.8.2019:

As we come to the launch of the Kinesis Money platform and Exchange, scheduled for the 29th August 2019, we would like to update you about a minor issue that will result in a slight delay.
A core initiative at Kinesis is to deliver competitive pricing and some of the tightest spreads in the market for physical gold and silver, represented on the blockchain.
Our liquidity providers assist with making this goal a reality, and at their request, we have granted a one-week extension to connect via our API to ensure they have adequately and rigorously tested the environment.
While we could take the exchange live without this, we have made the decision to wait for our liquidity providers to complete their integration so we can provide substantial liquidity and tight spreads for launch.

Updated Timeline

Launch Date: Monday, 9th September 2019

This will allow us to launch on the nearest trading day, once all integrations are scheduled to be completed by our third-party liquidity providers.

KVT extension: Sunday, 8th September 2019

We have decided that rather than close off all minting and KVT operations, we will keep the KVT sale running to coincide with this slightly amended release date. 

IMO extended until: Wednesday, 9th October 2019

This will give all KVT holders an extra month to start minting with the bonus yield terms remaining on offer. The existing IMO bonus terms will remain in effect until this date, subject to KVT availability. 

We have also extended waiving of the Exchange Physical for Digital (EPD) fees to anyone depositing their existing physical precious metals before 31st December 2019.

The product is ready, we are ready, Kinesis is imminently upon us.

Kind regards,

The Kinesis Team