Kinesis Weekly Newsletter Edition 2

1. Pre-sale raise figures

Pre-sale raise amount has been made public as we announce sales figures of over 55,000 KVTs. We’re excited to move into the next chapter of our target raise of 210,000 KVTs, keep updated with the sales figures which are updated 9am GMT every morning. From crypto enthusiasts to the institutional investment sphere we’ve been turning heads across all corners of the globe, Kinesis is growing FAST!

2. New partnerships announced

Kinesis & RenGen Labs partnership. We’ve recently partnered up with RenGen Labs, a platform which serves over 45,000 registered investors. RenGen Labs have established themselves as the go-to platform for landmark equity and token offerings. They identify high-growth companies across a variety of industries and perform extensive due diligence on issuers to bring investors verified token deals. This partnership announcement comes in harmony with Kinesis announcing pre-sale figures as 55,000 KVTs have successfully been sold, significantly higher than the $18.6 million average raised per ICO in the last year. 

"We’ve only just started our marketing efforts, bringing on multiple PR firms, with a large concentrated effort we are not only able to meet our targets, but exceed them. With our current figures we will be able to bring strong anchor investors in and then a consortium.”  - CEO of Kinesis, Thomas Coughlin 

3. Kinesis featured by popular influencers

Kinesis has been picked up by multiple influencers as the word gets out.
This week, one of the most influential Youtubers in the crypto space, Ivan Liljeqvist, also known as Ivan on Tech, interviewed Kinesis CEO, Thomas Coughlin.

4. Kinesis in New York and Toronto 

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, CEO, Thomas Coughlin and Chief Commercial Officer, Ryan Case were in New York and Toronto this week, they were joined by Chief Strategy Officer, Eric Maine. The trio were in full force taking on the storm of back to back meetings, dinners and private events building relationships and developing new partnerships with private investors, VC funds and family offices. Make no mistake about it, we’re coming out even stronger than we went in with even more exciting announcements to be made.

5. Other key items

  • Our ratings across ICO listing sites are sky rocketing as get picked up across the crypto industry.
  • Kinesis is being picked up by tier 1 news outlets, Hacked, Business insider, City Am, Wall Street Online, ET News and many more to come.
  • New comprehensive business road map in development and will be available on our website soon
  • New documentation has been rolled out on the website including the token Sale and Use, which replaced the now redundant SAFT. 
Upcoming Developments
Stay tuned as there will be plenty more announcements to be rolled out over the next few weeks.

You don’t want to miss out!

The pre-sale was only the beginning, we are now ramping up our global reach to ensure we are covered across the world, establishing a system that can truly be adopted by the masses.