Kinesis partners with Elysium City and Latino Impact Summit

We are proud to announce our official partnershi p with Elysium city, the first major smart sustainable city project in Europe, as a result of Kinesis’s participation and sponsorship with the Latino impact Summit.

Kinesis CEO, Thomas Coughlin, had been selected to sit on one of the panels to discuss the use cases for blockchain based project whilst simultaneously promoting the Kinesis Monetary System as well as the Kinesis gold and silver-based currencies which ultimately was very well received.

The Latino Impact Summit brings together leaders who generate alliances for the progress and growth of America. Annually in this space entrepreneurs, diplomatic corps, social leaders, university leaders and other personalities of America converge to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the region proposing solutions related to the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. This year the summit was held for the third time in partnership with the United Nations office UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) where, in addition to creating and strengthening alliances, the commitments and work carried out by all the leaders were presented.

One of the most ambitious emblematic leisure and hospitality destination project in Spain and the largest of its kind on an international scale, Elysium City will be built from the ground up, with a healthy budget of around $20 Billion. The project will soon become a reality as John Cora, a former Disney executive, and his company will be in charge of a large portion of developing of the city, having previously built Disneyland in Orlando which ultimately put Orlando in the map before Disney was introduced. Having a large resource and experience pool brings huge confidence in this project which has been evident with the partnership between Elysium city and The Latino Impact Summit. 

It is through these strategic partnerships, with both Elysium City and The Latino Impact Summit, that Kinesis have successfully secured exclusive rights to build a vault within the city and to create a trade zone in which we can implement the Kinesis Monetary System.