Highlights & key developments

1. Introducing our new Chief Technology Officer

A new Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Nigel Owens, has been appointed, bringing with him extensive experience in both IT and business change within the financial services sector and commodities markets.Whilst at the London Metal Exchange he led the technology transformation which enabled the exchange to move from a trading capacity of circa €2 trillion per annum in 2008 to over €16 trillion per annum by the end of 2014.Achieving these strategic objectives Nigel built and managed an outsourced function that increased its account revenues from £5.75m in 2008 to £48m in 2013 whilst delivering profit margins of 28% year on year.

Nigel will help streamline the development process across the Kinesis network to deliver on strategic objectives.

2. Touring South America

Our Chief Commercial Officer, Ryan Case, is on a tour of South America formulating deals and securing interest from a number of key parties.He will also be speaking on a number of panels, including the FLAIA Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Update in the Americas: The Disruption of Cross-Border Payments between the U.S. and Latin America Citizens of South America understand the benefits of cryptocurrencies and how they can improve their economies. As we're aware, currencies in these regions are susceptible to extreme volatility, with Kinesis offering a much sought-after solution to an age old problem. Our Chief commercial officer will be presenting by invitation in: Miami, Dallas, Mexico City, Santiago. The result of the trips success will be presented upon the teams return to London in the next update.

3. Kinesis invited to Dubai

While our CCO is busy in South America, other members of the executive committee are in Dubai this week structuring relationships with investing groups and building strategic relationships with highly influential families across the region.Currently we have our CEO Thomas Coughlin, CSO Eric Maine, CMO Jai Bifulco and PR & Content manager Zubair Bukhari processing all of the support and exposure we’re receiving here in the Middle East.

Stay tuned as we will be soon announcing some tremendous partnerships we’ve secured.

4. In case you missed it - TicketSocket

Kinesis is proud to announce our latest partnership with TicketSocket. 

TicketSocket provides software to pro sports teams, tours and large venues around the world, meaning that individuals will now be able to buy tickets for world-leading events using Kinesis digital currencies.This highlights the real-world application for kinesis currencies ultimately Kinesis currencies can be used across major outlets.This partnership will see Kinesis currencies integrated as a payment option within the TicketSocket platform.

Please see the press release here.

5. Other key items

  • We’ve translated our website into Simplified Chinese for our Asian friends in the Orient, and Arabic as a result of our interest and trip to the Middle East.
  • Indonesian website translations are currently in the works in anticipation of recent developments in the area.
  • Due to the growth of our London office, and ultimately of the system, we’re relocating and setting up a new flag ship office closer to the heart of London right off Oxford Street.
  • We will also be expanding the size of the team here in London with new members being brought on board within the next few weeks.
  • Our video production is underway and an exciting campaign will be launched very soon, stay tuned because this is going to be a big one.
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