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Maximus, [12.06.18 05:43]
Are we there yet? When uninformed friends first hear about the amazing yield possibilities, occasionally I hear Ponzi Scheme! I find it so Ironic as the entire global system that exists is the giant Ponzi Scheme.

Maximus, [12.06.18 05:46]
Kinesis will derive it's yield from transaction fees. The more transactions (velocity) the more yield.

Maximus, [12.06.18 05:48]
The global debt based system derives it's money from the electronic printing press... not from productive work, in essence value is not created, it is destroyed... the more printing the less value. Got Gold?

Maximus, [12.06.18 05:55]
Kinesis will bring the possibility for the average person to own gold, and earn yield without the worry of wondering if it is real pure gold or the worry of keeping it safe. That is taken care of by the experienced system of ABX bullion exchange that Kinesis is built upon.

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